State of child health report 2017

Just published (Jan 2017), the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health’ report:  State of Child Health in the UK.

Key messages include:

  • 1 in 5 children in UK living in poverty
  • Infant mortality – UK ranks 15th out of 19 Western European countries
  • Smoking in pregnancy – higher in UK than many European countries
  • Breastfeeding – mothers in more affluent more likely  to breastfeed than those in deprived areas
  • Obesity – 1 in 5 children in first year of primary school are overweight/obese
  • Smoking – more prevalent among teens in deprived areas.


Projected doubling of population age 85-plus in Wales by 2036

Public Health Wales Observatory published Demography 2016 in July.  Findings indicate a 14%-16% decline in the all-cause mortality rate. The authors’ projections  suggest that the number of people over the age of 85 will have more than doubled by 2036.

Statistics and reports are available for Wales, and for the individual Health Board areas.

For further information and to download the report:


Sources of Statistics for Health and social care.

Updated on 13 July 2016, this useful briefing paper  from The House of Commons Library provides excellent links to statistics on:

  • waiting times
  • Ambulance response times
  • hospital admissions
  • beds availability
  • screening programmes
  • adult and child social care
  • health and social care funding

Harker, R. & Baker, C. (2016). House of Commons Library: Sources of Statistics
Health and social care. Retrieved from