Sut i greu cyfeiriad ar gyfer fideo YouTube, yn defnyddio’r arddull APA o gyfeirnodi/How to create a reference for a YouTube video, using APA 6th referencing style

Rydym wedi cael ychydig o ymholiadau yn ddiweddar ynglŷn â sut i gofnodi fideo YouTube mewn rhestrau gyfeiriadau. Dyma sut:

Awdur. (Dyddiad y cafodd y fideo ei bostio ar YouTube). Teitl mewn italig [Ffeil fideo]. Wedi’i gael o url

(Ar gyfer adferadwyedd, mae’r unigolyn a bostiodd y fideo yn cael ei nodi fel awdur)

Mewn testun:

(Penguin Books USA, 2012) neu Penguin Books USA (2012)

Yn y rhestr o gyfeiriadau:

Penguin Books USA. (2012, August 8). Call the midwife, Jennifer Worth [Video file].                Retrieved from

Unrhyw gwestiynau, gadewch i ni wybod.

We’ve had a few enquiries recently about how to reference something you’ve found on YouTube. Here’s how:

Author. (Date posted on YouTube). Title in italics [Video file]. Retrieved from url

(For retrievability, the person who posted the video is put in the author position)

In text:

(Penguin Books USA, 2012) or Penguin Books USA (2012)

In the reference list:

Penguin Books USA. (2012, August 8). Call the midwife, Jennifer Worth [Video file].          Retrieved from

Any questions, please let us know.


Referencing images in assignments

With a lot of you working on assignments which require images to be included, we’ve had a number of queries on how to reference an image in an assignment.  This isn’t always easy but here are some instructions on how to do this below.  Please get in touch if you are unsure 

In text:
The reference in text is similar to other materials, you still need to look for an author and a date, although these aren’t always available.  You will also need to give your image a number and a title in text.  For example:


Figure 1: Librarians (Human & Health Sciences, Medicine and Science Library Team, n.d.)

In the reference list:
Human & Health Sciences, Medicine and Science Library Team. (n.d). About us [Photograph]. Retrieved from

The above is an example of a photograph reference, if you were citing a different image format you can replace [Photograph] with [Graph], [Digital image], [Demographic map] etc.