New report makes recommendations for improving end of life care

“This work is by the Dementia Intelligence Network (DIN) and the National End of Life Care Intelligence Network (NEOLCIN). The resources analyse data relating to people who have died with dementia in 2012-14. The following questions are addressed:

  • are there changes in dementia deaths over time?
  • who are the people who die with dementia?
  • where do people with dementia die?
  • what do people with dementia die of?”

National Dementia Intelligence Network and National End of Life Care Intelligence Network. (2016). Dying with dementia. Retrieved from


Dementia & Comorbidities

The ILC – UK (International Centre for Longevity) have just published (April, 2016): Dementia and comorbidities: ensuring parity of care. 

People with dementia frequently suffer from a range of  other medical conditions. Too often these medical comorbidities are not diagnosed until the condition has become severe. Prevention or early detection would not only save costs but also improve the quality of life of dementia sufferers.