Sut i gyfeirnodi yr adroddiad gan Laming (2003) / How to reference the Laming report (2003) in APA format

Rydym wedi cael cwpwl o ymholiadau yr wythnos hon ar sut i gyfeirnodi yr adroddiad gan Lord Laming.  Dyma’r ateb i chi:

Yn y testun:
Laming (2003) neu (Laming, 2003).

Yn y rhestr o gyfeiriadau:
Laming, W. H. (2003). The Victoria Climbie inquiry: Report of an inquiry by Lord Laming (Cm. 5730). London: The Stationery Office.


We’ve had a few queries this week about how to reference the Laming report. Here is the answer:

In text:
Laming (2003) or (Laming, 2003).

In the reference list:
Laming, W. H. (2003). The Victoria Climbie inquiry: Report of an inquiry by Lord Laming (Cm. 5730). London: The Stationery Office.


Llesiant yng Nghymru / Well-being in Wales

Mae’r Ddeddf Llesiant Cenedlaethau’r Dyfodol (Cymru) 2015 yn ei gwneud yn ofynnol i Fyrddau Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus gyhoeddi asesiad lleol o lesiant economaidd, cymdeithasol, amgylcheddol a diwylliannol.  Mae’r adroddiad ‘Llesiant yng Nghymru: cynllunio heddiw ar gyfer gwell yfory’ – yn cynnwys 17 argymhelliad ar y meysydd allweddol sydd ag angen newid fel y gall y sector cyhoeddus wneud gwell penderfyniadau ar gyfer ceneldaethau’r dyfodol.


Well-being in Wales: planning today for a better tomorrow

The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 requires Public Services Boards to publish a local assessment of economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being. This new report – ‘Well-being in Wales: Planning today for a better tomorrow’ – contains 17 recommendations on the key areas of change needed for the public sector to make better decisions for future generations.

New Social Work Code of Practice (CoPP) 2017

The new Social Work Code of Practice (CoPP) has been published in April 2017, unless told differently by your lecturers you will be expected to now refer to the new CoPP.  Here is an example of how you should reference this in your assignments:

Please note the Care Council for Wales has also changed it’s name to Social Care Wales

In text (First cite):
Social Care Wales (SCW, 2017)
(Social Care Wales (SCW), 2017)

In text (Second and subsequent citations)
SCW (2017)
(SCW, 2017)

If you are referring to a specific section of the CoPP you will need to include the section number, for example:
In text (First cite):
Social Care Wales (SCW, 2017, 2.1)
(Social Care Wales (SCW), 2017, 2.1)

In text (Second and subsequent citations)

SCW (2017, 2.1)
(SCW, 2017, 2.1)

In the reference list
Social Care Wales. (2017). Code of professional practice for social care. Cardiff: Social Care Wales.
Social Care Wales. (2017). Code of professional practice for social care. Retrieved         from 

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Gwasanaeth newydd – Holi Llyfrgellydd

Holi Llyfrgellydd yw ein gwasanaeth newydd sy’n gwneud cysylltu â’ch llyfrgellwyr pwnc yn haws nag erioed. Gall eich Llyfrgellwyr eich cynorthwyo gyda chymorth pwnc ar gyfer eich ymchwil ac aseiniadau. Bydd ar gael drwy ein sgwrs fyw rhwng Dydd Llun a Dydd Gwener 9yb– 5yp.aalGallwch ganfod y gwasanaeth Holi Llyfrgellydd ar eich tudalennau Canllawiau Llyfrgell –
Cwestiwn? Holwch!

Preventing Falls in the Elderly – updated NICE Guidance

NICE says routine appointments with family doctors, at hospital, or during home visits by social care workers, can prevent falls, disability and loss of independence.

Although most falls do not result in serious injury, statistics show that around 255,000 older people are admitted to hospital in England each year due to falls.

An updated quality standard sets out best practice for health and social care professionals in preventing falls. It calls for people aged 65 and over to be regularly asked questions about whether they have fallen over in the last year or feel unsteady on their feet.

31 Jan 2017

Important news about RefMe

It has been announced today that RefMe will be changing after March 7th, 2017.  This is sad news as it is a popular referencing tool especially with CHHS students.  Full details on this news can be found on the RefMe website but here are a few important issues to note:

  • RefMe is merging with CiteThisForMe
  • If you want to create an account for CiteThisForMe it will cost £6.99 a month, you will however be able to generate a reference list without making an account but it won’t save for future use.
  • If you have a RefMe account you will still have access to your account and saved Reference lists until June 1st, 2017, but you will need to export them before this date or you will lose them.

If you have any concerns about  this news please do get in touch with us, our contact details can be found on our Library Guides pages.