HSTalks: Darlithoedd Biomeddygol & Gwyddorau Bywyd gan arbenigwyr blaen llaw / HSTalks: Biomedical & Life Sciences Lectures by leading world experts

Gwrando ar ddarlithoedd ar-lein gan Enillwyr y Wobr Nobel 2017, Jeffrey Hall (Meddygaeth) – Cracking the case of circadian rhythms by Drosophila genetics  – a Joachim Frank (Cemeg) Structural insights into aminoacyl-tRNA delivery by EF-Tu and translocation by EF-G. (enw defnyddiwr a chyfrinair yn ofynnol ar gyfer mynediad oddi ar y campws).

Listen to online lectures delivered by 2017 Nobel Prize Winners, Jeffrey Hall (Medicine) – Cracking the case of circadian rhythms by Drosophila genetics  – and Joachim Frank (Chemistry)  Structural insights into aminoacyl-tRNA delivery by EF-Tu and translocation by EF-G.   (University username & password required for off campus access).


Ap newydd BNF/BNFC / New BNF/BNFC app

Gallwch cael mynediad i’r British National Formulary (BNF) a’r British National Formulary for Children (BNFC) am ddim trwy ddefyddio’r ddolenni yn Evidence Search

Mae BNF hefyd wedi lawnsio fersiwn newydd o’r ap sy’n cyfuno cynnwys y BNF a BNFC mewn 1 ap. Mae angen i chi dynnu’r hen ap a gosod yr ap newydd.

Mae’r ap yn rhad ac am ddim i lawrlwytho, ac nid oes angen mewngofnodi.

BNF Publications icon

You can access the British National Formulary (BNF) and the British National Formulary for Children (BNFC) for free using the links in Evidence Search

BNF have also launched a new version of the app which now combines the BNF and BNFC content in 1 app.  You will need to uninstall the old app and install the new app.

It is free to download, no need to login.

New service – Ask a Librarian

Ask a Librarian, our new live chat service, makes contacting your subject librarians even easier.  Your Librarians can help you with subject support for your research and assignments. We are available via live chat from Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.aalFind the Ask a Librarian service on your Library Guides pages – libguides.swansea.ac.uk
Got a question? Just ask!

Gwasanaeth newydd – Holi Llyfrgellydd

Holi Llyfrgellydd yw ein gwasanaeth newydd sy’n gwneud cysylltu â’ch llyfrgellwyr pwnc yn haws nag erioed. Gall eich Llyfrgellwyr eich cynorthwyo gyda chymorth pwnc ar gyfer eich ymchwil ac aseiniadau. Bydd ar gael drwy ein sgwrs fyw rhwng Dydd Llun a Dydd Gwener 9yb– 5yp.aalGallwch ganfod y gwasanaeth Holi Llyfrgellydd ar eich tudalennau Canllawiau Llyfrgell – libguides.swansea.ac.uk
Cwestiwn? Holwch!

Preventing Falls in the Elderly – updated NICE Guidance

NICE says routine appointments with family doctors, at hospital, or during home visits by social care workers, can prevent falls, disability and loss of independence.

Although most falls do not result in serious injury, statistics show that around 255,000 older people are admitted to hospital in England each year due to falls.

An updated quality standard sets out best practice for health and social care professionals in preventing falls. It calls for people aged 65 and over to be regularly asked questions about whether they have fallen over in the last year or feel unsteady on their feet.

31 Jan 2017

Welcome to our new students!

It was lovely to see all our new Emergency Medical Technicians and Maternity Care students last week.  This week we are welcoming our new Graduate Entry Medicine and Nursing students.  You will see us for your Library inductions this week however here are a few tips for the first few weeks:
  • Make sure you can access your email account and check it regularly.
  • Make sure you can get into Blackboard and your timetable on celcat.
  • Walk around the Library and see where your books are located.
  • Make sure you’ve collected your student ID card.

If you need to contact us please email chhslibrary@swansea.ac.uk or phone 01792 602240 (Swansea) 01792 513838 (SDP, Carmarthen) or pop past the Library and speak with one of the team!

Our website is at http://libguides.swansea.ac.uk