Are fathers providing more childcare than 15 years ago? New estimates from ONS

Well, only if their youngest child is pre-school age, according to the latest estimates from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). Overall fathers’ time spent on childcare has actually fallen by 2 minutes per day.  The ONS also looked at time spent by parents on “developmental care”. There was a noticeable increase in line with parental levels of education.

For those in their fifties and above, the average amount of time spent caring for adults has greatly increased. 15% increase for males, and 21% increase for females. Oh, and women still do most of the chores!

This information comes from: Changes in the value and division of unpaid care work in the UK: 2000 to 2015 which has just (1oth Nov. 2016) been published by the ONS and is available from their website.  The article presents estimates of the amount and value of informal child and adult care with analyses by sociodemographic variables including sex, age, and labour market status. This is the first in a series of releases that will examine the value and division of unpaid household work.

For those studying Early Childhood Studies & Social Policy, you will find a lot of interesting data here.





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