HSTalks – Online lectures by world experts

This month sees the launch of extra content on the HSTalks website.  You can access these online lectures by following the link in iFind, the Library catalogue.  You have full access to the Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection which includes over 2000 lectures you can view online.  Some interesting HSTalks added in the last few months include:

What is obesity? Definition.
Dysregulated eating behaviour, eating disorders and obesity
What is obesity? Physiology
Obesity and psychology
Back pain: Are we measuring the right things?

Tip: Here is an example of how to reference these talks using the APA style of referencing:

Walley, A. (2016, January 31).What is obesity? Definition [Video file]. Retrieved from https://hstalks.com/t/3200/what-is-obesity-definition/?biosci



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